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Results are in!

In August, we reached out to you and your neighbors asking for input on the look and feel of the three new Link light rail stations located near Highline College, the current Star Lake Park and Ride and the Federal Way Transit Center.

You spoke. We listened. Here’s what you had to say.

Who we surveyed.

We received feedback from a diverse group of respondents from across the Puget Sound region including King, Pierce and Snohomish counties. Most of the respondents live in Federal Way, Des Moines, Kent, Seattle and Tacoma. But, participants were from a wide variety of cities throughout the region. Scroll through below to see the data:

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What we heard.

Northwest. Simple. Welcoming. These are the words you used to describe your ideal stations in your communities.

Most respondents predict using the stations to commute to or from work and attend recreational activities. With that in mind, community members want stations that fit their practical needs and add a Northwest aesthetic.

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More results

Sound Transit is committed to designing light rail stations that reflect the culture of the communities they serve. Respondents indicated that all three stations should feel practical, look simple, and the design should be inspired by the Northwest. And while it’s no surprise that residents love the Northwest aesthetic, we also heard varied opinions about features they want incorporated into each station area.

Online Open House Results Summary.

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Kent/Des Moines station area. Those who commented on the Kent/Des Moines station area want the design to be bright, colorful and welcoming. Residents also indicated a desire for the station area to reflect the Highline College student body and the evolving Midway community.

South 272nd Street station area. The South 272nd Street station area is located near a neighborhood. Design preferences here indicate the need for lots of lighting and a safe, welcoming station and parking structure. Residents want the station area’s landscaping to blend with the natural setting.

Federal Way Transit Center station area. Most respondents prefer the Federal Way Transit Center to be social and dynamic, with lively nighttime lighting features and a color palette that would complement the nearby Performing Arts and Events Center.

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